Marketing Automation with Zapier

Sending bulk emails through Mailchimp or other email marketing services is quite mainstream now but what if I say that you can send email campaigns at a pre-determined time just by adding the sender’s email id in google spreadsheet?

Woah !! Is it too much to take in one go ? take a deep breath and read again

So, I hope you are with me now.
As marketing got more data-driven, it slowly entered the world of automation ,machine learning and totally revolutionized the industry. And as can be concluded from the technical jargon, it sounds as if being a non-tech person is worse than ever.
That’s where Zappier comes into the scene – It is an integration platform to automate most of your repetitive work and that too without code !! And the awesome thing is that they got nearly 2000 different SaaS products on their platform, so you can really develop tons of superb automation workflows !!
The one I mentioned above was my first workflow and I am going to keep on building more. You can check my personal Zapier integrations here . 

The process is quite simple – Zappier will provide you a set of actions and triggers based on the app you want to integrate and all you gotta do is simply arrange and form a set of intelligent sequent to execute your desired task/goal.
I would rather stay away from writing introductory notes on how to get started on Zapier and build some cool Zaps (that’s what they call a typical workflow) because you guys are anyway gonna watch some Youtube video on that.

So, try it guys and if you need some ideas for inspiration to get started-
1.Personalized mails through Gmail by taking input from online form
2.Populating all important emails on Airtable