My Chinese dream

I was always curious about the culture, tradition, lives of people from other countries. It was my younger brother who introduced me to QQ, a popular Chinese social networking platform. It was a new gateway for me, full of mysteries and surprises and amazing people.

QQ changed the way I looked at the world, my ideas matured, unrealistic thoughts perished with a rising glimmer of real world. I realized the true essence of word “humanity” which lays far above and beyond any borders. The cause of human sufferings or happiness is same everywhere and thus how fragile and manipulative humans are.

I spent the most active period of my life with QQ and experienced friendship, romance and true harshness of real life. But I was living in a fake digital world, totally immerse in it and more importantly among strangers. Strangers culturally, traditionally and even ideologically. I stepped into utopian communist society and was amazed to know how much it contradicts with the picture we hold about our neighboring nation. I saw China which wasn’t limited to the sprawling megacities of Shanghai, Beijing. I was introduced to the society which lies on the fundamentals of great philosophers like Confucius, Tao and found it very fascinating. All these wonderful experiences of this new world which opened the doors of reality in me were actually unrealistic. Such an irony !

I suddenly had a new parallel dream of looking at this other society with my own eyes and burn down the curtain of unreal-ism over it. I wanted to meet my new friends and breathe in this imaginary world. After all, I hardly had any more joyful moments in my 4 years of university. I  wanted to end everything which started in university and rebuild a new phase of life. I saw this only dream in my university and I wanted to successfully realize it. I also wanted to have a feeling of self-satisfaction despite of all what happened in last 4 years just like a victory smile on face of an injured soldier.

But my parents are not permitting me to go there alone. I need to somehow make them allow me to visit this mysterious land. And the story continues…….

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