Product Critique: Spenny

So, this is my first shot at product critique. I want to do this more and hope to improve with time.

I heard about Spenny on Twitter, it was drawing a lot of attention from people I follow ( apparently I have very few followers). I just knew that it is a fintech product and has something to do with saving money. Let’s dig in –

I don’t really have an idea about their GTM strategy but a college community-driven approach like Tinder, Facebook can yield growth. 

Additionally, I think that if the same product can drive more growth and value if added to already existing payment applications like Paytm, PhonePe. And thus, is Spenny really a product or feature?

There’s only one situation where Spenny comes into the picture and I would regard it as a feature as of now
Disclaimer: The product may have additional situational moments, features in future and my assessment is only about the current state of the product.

Let’s see what more surprises will Spenny bring to the table along its journey.

Thanks to Manas Soloi, from whom I got to know about this exercise