Gymanage: Manage gym operations easily

Gymanage is SaaS product to help gym owners assist in their day-to-day operations. 


Teachmint Feature Improvement

Teachmint is online classroom app whereby teachers can provide total classroom experience to their students. Based on the user pain points on Teachmint’s playstore reviews, video record feature was suggested to improve user experience.

Product | NoCode

HiddenKemp: Unique tourist destinations discovery platform

A web-based platform for travelers to share and discover unknown places whose whereabouts are limited to locals/backpackers. I had personally faced this problem while travelling and validated it with fellow travelers across the globe. Finally with the help of NoCode tool, Bubble, HiddenKemp was built as the answer to solve discoverability issue for travelers willing to go beyond mainstream tourist spots.

Business Strategy | Growth

TakaTak Market Expansion Strategy

As part of IIT Delhi initiative, CaseCation , a national level Case Study Competition objective was to design  the market expansion strategy for Taka Tak app amidst the ban on TikTok by Government of India. The recommendation included adding new features to gain competitive advantage and also viral growth strategy as part of implementation. The project secured position in top 10 among 3000 nationwide participant teams.

Data Visualization | Business Analytics

Economics Indicators Tablaeu Dashboard

A tableau dashboard project developed to compare and highlight historical economic activity based on few indicators. The dashboard is integrated with action based filters and timeline animation to visualize the emergence of top 20 economies in the world

Business Strategy | Finance

Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) Issue Identification & Revival

The objective was to find pertaining issues behind Cafe Coffee Day’s decline and and recommend action plan for mitigate the same . The prime issue identified was enormous debts pile and unusual high cash. The study was part of Finclusion’20, a national level case competition conducted by JBIMS, Mumbai and selected to present at the finals.