Sold 1st Digital Product

Last month I was exploring AppSumo, a marketplace for digital products, SaaS and was curious to know how they maintain the authenticity of the listed products. If Gumroad struck your mind, then yes, both are quite similar in operation but there’s a difference in their audience. Also, better discoverability on AppSumo than Gumroad because they maintain tight control on the listed product quality.

So, I decided to check it and listed a playbook I had created as part of my previous newsletter’s campaign. It contains important business frameworks typically taught in B-schools. It took almost a week for AppSumo to approve my product on their platform. It might be due to too many listings or due to scrutiny. That’s it, I only wanted to confirm that.

But after a couple of days, I reopened the platform to see any interesting microsaas products and boom !! My playbook got some sales!!

I haven’t done any marketing neither did I asked my friends to check it. And I am still not clear why those bought it.

But I sold my first digital product !!